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About Wagyu

We raise Wagyu cattle. Wagyu is a breed of cattle originating in Japan that produces the legendary “Kobe” beef delicacy famous for its flavor and tenderness. The Wagyu breed produces a higher percentage of beneficial omega oils than any other breed of cattle known in the world.


  • Wagyu Genetics: Our beef animals are nearly purebred Wagyu (from 75% to 97% Wagyu) Most Wagyu on the market today is only 50% Wagyu.
  • 100% Traceable: With the exception of our foundation and breeding stock, all of our grass-finished Wagyu are born and raised by our family here on our ranch.
  • Grass-fed and finished: Most ranches raising American Wagyu are still feeding their cattle a combination of grass and grain or corn. Our Wagyu are fed and finished on grass.
  • "The meat from Wagyu cattle is known worldwide for its marbling characteristics, increased eating quality through a naturally enhanced flavor, tenderness and juiciness, and thus a high market value...Highly prized for their rich flavor, these cattle produce arguably the finest beef in the world." - Wikipedia

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