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Here's what people are saying about our Beef

"My husband and I have always hunted and got at least one elk and often antelope for the first 30 years of our marriage. We butchered the meat ourselves and grew to be very particular in how our meat was handled and packaged. We could not imagine eating anything else. But, as we have gotten older and as circumstances have changed, we decided to try Omega Beef as we knew Jeanie and Terry, and were impressed with the way they raised their beef. We were so impressed by the meat we purchased and have continued to order Omega Beef every year since the first year that it was offered (we still hunt!). The beef is tender and extremely tasty. For us, Omega Beef is as natural as wildlife and yet, we think it is more tender and flavorful. We highly recommend Omega Beef." - Beth Kaeding


"In this day and age it seems especially important to support our bodies as they face environments that are becoming increasingly inundated with chemicals and toxins. Eating as healthy as possible seems a natural first step and so to have access to such a healthy source of beef is very exciting to us. Dealing with Terry and Jeanie we have found to be very easy and altogether pleasant and stress free which is also good for us! They are professional, knowledgeable, helpful and best of all just friendly folks. Oh yea, and the beef is some good and tasty!" Keri Clarke-Paninos


"The first time we ordered beef from you, we were feeling pretty cautious. Although we had heard of Wagyu beef, I had never had grass fed beef that I thought even compared with one finished with grain. Were we ever surprised! Not only did the beef we bought from you compare to grain finished animals, it was far superior. In fact we checked with you to make sure we had not misunderstood how you raised the Wagyu cattle. Maybe being raised on some of the most historic and beautiful rangeland in Montana helps, because we both think it is the best beef we have ever eaten. And it is also a boost to our confidence that we can follow the animal we buy all the way from pasture to delivery—there are no unknowns in the process as there are in big business commercially purchased beef.

This is our second purchase of Wagyu beef from you and we have tried every cut and every cooking method from the grill to the oven to the slow cooker, and every recipe we have used produces the same great results. Dinner guests have been full of compliments, too, so we hope you keep on raising and selling your Wagyu beef forever, because we will be loyal customers!" Burt Williams and Joan Brownell

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