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How To Buy

How Much Does Omega Beef Cost?

We charge $4 a pound hanging weight for half and whole beeves. Our price is based on the hanging weight of the carcass before it is processed into the cuts. Our USDA processor weighs the carcass by the half. We pay the processing fees based on this weight and price the beef by this same weight.

The $4 per pound price based on the hanging weight translates to about $6.50 for the finished cuts once the bone and excess fat is discarded. This price is very competitive with premium retail beef prices when you average the expensive cuts with the cuts of lesser value.

How it Works:

Once you have decided to buy a half or whole beef from us here is what happens:

  1. We put your name on our list of customers for the next butchering. (FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS – We ask for a $100 down payment on half beef orders, and $200 for Whole beef orders.)
  2. Shortly before we gather cattle and go to the butcher we will call you to confirm your order.
  3. We take beef animals to Quality Meats of Montana; a USDA approved butcher in Miles City Montana.
  4. The butchered animals dry-age for 21 days. In this time we will communicate with the butcher and give them your contact information and assign each of you a half or whole beef according to your order. At this time we give you the contact information for the butcher.
  5. You contact the butcher and place your orders for cutting and packaging of your beef.
  6. We pay the butchering costs and pick up your beef and deliver it to you.

Get in Touch

Please call (406) 984-6229 to put your name on our list of customers for the next butchering.