Along with the hard work of ranching comes a great life.

About Our Ranch

Omega Beef Inc. is a family owned and operated business. Our family has been ranching here on the Bones Brothers Ranch on the east fork of Hanging Woman Creek since the late 1880’s. We are proud of our heritage and a land ethic that has been shared for generations. We believe that food should not only be healthy, delicious, and affordable, but also that it should be raised with care and practices that not only honor our animals, but also our land, water and way of life.

Our ancestors settled here for three reasons and we are still here today for those same reasons:

  • GRASS Our beef animals graze on some of the best prairie grasses in the world. We think this is part of what contributes to the great flavor of our Omega Beef. We also know our Wagyu cows are wonderful range cows and seem to thrive in this rugged but rich grassland.
  • WATER In this arid part of Montana rainfall and water resources are sparse. We are fortunate to have free flowing springs and two creeks that have allowed us to build a life here.
  • COMMUNITY We still do our cattle work horseback and we still rely on the help of family and neighbors. We are grateful for good horses and good friends.
  • Get in Touch

    Please call (406) 984-6229 to put your name on our list of customers for the next butchering.