Along with the hard work of ranching comes a great life.

About Our Beef

O ne aspect of this life is that we get to eat the best beef available. A few years ago we decided we wanted to do more to get good and healthy beef to people in our area. We knew that the grass-fed beef we ate was healthier, more nutritious and raised in a way that strived to be sustainable and more environmentally sound. We had just begun to learn about the Wagyu breed of cattle from Japan. We had heard about the natural characteristics of this breed that allow it to have unique marbling and to be higher in beneficial omega oils than other beef animals.

We had an idea - what if we combined what we know how to do - raising cattle on grass - with a breed of cattle that is predisposed to marbling that leads to more tender beef? Would we be able to produce beef that was healthy, tender, and great tasting? We are pretty excited with how this idea has worked out. Our Wagyu cows are bred to Wagyu bulls and they are fed grass and water - no growth hormones - no antibiotics. We are really pleased to offer beef that has great flavor, is wonderfully tender, and has the added benefit of increased omega oils.

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